We will create an environment where innovative ideas can take shape, We will create an environment where innovative ideas can take shape and create services that can be offered from Japan to the world.
We understand your business, and we are committed to your success technically and engineering to continuously support you beyond the number of man-hours.



Support Subscription

We are a team-based support service based on a monthly contract.
Breaking away from individual dependence
Focus on the strengths of engineers
Each engineer has their own area of expertise. Rather than assigning one person per month, we focus on the individual strengths of each engineer and propose a system that allows them to contribute to the customer's business. We will share excellent engineers who are suitable for this era of lack of engineers and support our customers with a system that produces results.
Contract form for flexible response
Providing contract formats to maximize customer lifetime value (LTV)
We maximize our contribution to our customers based on a fixed monthly contract amount. We will reduce double costs caused by unmatched engineer skills or sudden retirement or relocation, and provide the technology you need when you need it.
Remote Work3
A system that allows engineers to play an active role to the fullest
A system that allows engineers with the necessary technology to participate when needed
By assuming remote work, we can involve talented engineers as needed. We will contribute to your projects with a wealth of tools and remote work skills that we have cultivated since before the coronavirus.
track record
Social infrastructure system cloud system example system
A project for a certain electric company to migrate its own services to the cloud.
The customer did not have any engineers with knowledge of Azure and Kubernetes, and was looking for a partner, and they adopted our team structure. Although we did not have engineers capable of handling either technology, we proposed a system that would strengthen our system in the early stages and allow us to catch up in the following days. We have received high praise from our customers, and we are providing additional support.
Cloud presales System example: Pre-sales of in-house cloud and mega cloud at a certain domestic telecommunications carrier
Pre-sales of in-house cloud and mega cloud at a certain domestic telecommunications carrier
We listen to customers' requirements, propose cloud implementation, and provide estimates. After receiving an order, manage the vendor as a PM, Available until delivery. Depending on the project, we receive the order as a separate project and handle the construction.
IaaS provider structure example
Consideration and verification of new services at a certain cloud provider
Responsible for building, verifying, and creating online manuals for providing OpenShift managed services, object storage services, and file server services.
INNOVACTORY provides engineering services to support your business on an ongoing basis. Please contact us below to discuss how we can support your business through engineering.
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